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Medical Bills and Liens

Boise medical lien attorney

Injured at work and hounded by creditors?

If you were injured while at work, you are aware of how long it takes to begin receiving workers' compensation benefits. Even with an experienced workers' comp attorney and a concrete claim on your side, it might take several months to begin receiving the money your family requires. The creditors don't care. They just want their monthly payments and they are prepared to file a lien against you for the compensation.

We take your workers' compensation claim to the next level

The Skaug Law Offices is a workers' compensation law firm that brings your case to a higher level. We will work with your creditors to avoid liens and prevent a negative credit report being placed against your benefits while you wait for your coverage to begin.

We will do everything possible to help your family prevent medical liens

We know that times can be rough for families when one of the primary wage earners is incapable of working because of an injury. We explore every conceivable opportunity to help you find the compensation you need to get through the difficult times. We will also assist you to find options for reduced medical bills. This can mean turning to your own insurance and fighting for compensation from a third party who might be held accountable for your accident. We will not give up.

No fees unless we help you recover money for your workers' comp claim

Before you lose any more sleep over covering your bills or having a medical lien filed against you, speak to one of our attorneys. We offer a free consultation about personal injury claims and handle all cases on a contingency basis. This means you won't pay attorney fees unless we help you recover money for your workers' compensation claim.

Contact our offices to discuss your financial circumstances with one of our lawyers. We will give you an honest evaluation of your possibilities. We will go to work immediately to avoid medical liens and assist working with your creditors. We will focus on helping you reduce medical bills while you focus on recuperating your health.



Thank you for all the work you have done for me on this case. It is not an easy task to go through a lawsuit, but you have made it as good as it can be. I will always recommend you to my friends and family.