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DUI Accidents

Boise DUI Accident Attorneys

DUI accidents are a serious concern in our society. According to a recent study, someone gets hurt in a drunk driving accident every 90 seconds. And here’s an even more sobering figure: At least one person in America is killed in a DUI accident every hour.

Getting injured or losing someone you love in a DUI accident is a tragedy. No one can claim to understand how you feel when something like this befalls you. However, Skaug Law will promise you this: That we will fight aggressively to get criminal justice and civil compensation for you and your family.

Justice for DUI Victims

At Skaug Law, we’ve built our reputation on our work with families affected by drunk driving. We’ve fought hard to get victims as much compensation as possible for their economic and other losses.

We’ve handled DUI cases involving:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs and Boats
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Uninsured/underinsured drivers

Bruce D. Skaug himself prosecuted hundreds of criminal DUI cases when he worked as an Ada County prosecutor.

“Our attorneys are experienced. We know that nobody can possibly feel the way your family is feeling right now. We will promise to do everything possible to seek full recovery of money damages and justice.”—Attorney Bruce D. Skaug

When Skaug Law takes your case, we bring everything to bear on it. We work closely with local prosecutors, consult with specialists and call on other professional resources to prove the exact cause of an accident and establish the specific amount of damages you’ve suffered.

Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation regarding your DUI accident.


Thank you for all the work you have done for me on this case. It is not an easy task to go through a lawsuit, but you have made it as good as it can be. I will always recommend you to my friends and family.