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Head Injuries

Idaho, traumatic head injury lawyers

Concussions that occur in accidents often go undiagnosed. Sometimes it takes several months for family members to recognize that their loved one has suffered a real brain injury. Proper diagnosis is frequently missed by family physicians in these cases. If you believe your loved one has suffered a brain or traumatic head injury in an accident, you need a proper diagnosis from a qualified neurologist and the legal advocacy of a confident, experienced attorney.

At Skaug Law Offices in Nampa, Idaho, we work with a network of experts and have extensive experience handling challenging traumatic head and brain injury cases. Contact us today to speak with a highly skilled and reputable personal injury lawyer about the details of your head injury in a free consultation. We will provide you with a thorough, honest evaluation of your case and ensure you get the legal and medical service and support you need.

Our firm handles all injury cases on a contingency basis. We do not charge a fee unless we recover a settlement for you.

It is critical to consult with qualified experts, including neurologists and neuropsychologists, right away to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. It is important for family members of individuals who have been involved in an accident to keep an eye out for changes in their loved one. Some signs of brain injury include:

  • Crankiness or short temper
  • Forgetfulness
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Personality changes
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Frustration
  • Limited movement in an area of the body

Traumatic brain injury and closed head injury cases are sometimes hard for the jury to grasp and even for the injured person to recognize in him or herself. These cases frequently become a battle between psychologists. We work skillfully to help the jury recognize that although they may not be able to see the injury, it is there. Our lawyers have a long history of successful advocacy on behalf of injury victims in court. We represent every client with confidence and skill.

Even in whiplash cases, the impact causes the brain to slap against the inside of the skull. If your loved one has suffered a severe neck injury, traumatic head injury, or other serious injuries in a car accident, you need a trusted, respected personal injury lawyer. Contact us today to discuss your individual legal and recovery needs in a free consultation and thorough case evaluation.


Thank you for all the work you have done for me on this case. It is not an easy task to go through a lawsuit, but you have made it as good as it can be. I will always recommend you to my friends and family.