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Recreational Vehicle Accidents

When Vacations Go Wrong

Idaho and Eastern Oregon offers a plethora of recreational opportunities for lovers of the outdoors. Every year, thousands of people make trips to this area with their RVs, boats, ATVs and other vehicles.

Unfortunately, these people don’t always operate their vehicles with due caution. They can drink too much alcohol or just drive recklessly. When this happens, others can get hurt.

If you’ve been injured in a recreational vehicle accident, Skaug Law is here to help you. For more than 30 years, our responsive, knowledgeable attorneys have represented accident victims and their families against insurance companies and negligent drivers.

“Because RV accidents often take place in remote areas, it can be difficult to reconstruct the circumstances and get the facts clear. Our firm investigates immediately. We thoroughly prepare the evidence against every party who may be held liable for your injuries”—Attorney Todd Michael Joyner

Representing Recreational Vehicle Accident Victims

Skaug Law’s attorneys represent people in personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from:

  • RV accidents
  • ATV accidents
  • Boat and Jet Ski accidents
  • Dirt bike and motorcycle accidents
  • Small airplane accidents
  • Rafting accidents
  • Hunting and fishing accidents

Getting compensation for accidents involving underinsured or uninsured RV drivers can prove challenging. However, we’ve taken up that struggle many times.

When a client hires us, we explore every possible option for covering medical costs and lost earnings. We work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay us unless you get money first.

Contact us for a free consultation on a case involving a recreational vehicle accident.


When my medical bills were more costly than the defendant's insurance coverage, I had all but given up on receiving any settlement on my car wreck case. I was amazed when Mr. Skaug was able to make arrangements that allowed me to come out with a nice settlement. Thank you so much!